Custom Made Jordans – How to Custom Make Your Air Jordans

Nike launched the jordan series of shoes, when the novice basketball player , Michael Jordan was making waves in the history of basketball. They launched the jordan label sneakers which propelled nike sports, then was officialized by nike and “the jordan” brand was launched, which still takes the bulk of the sales of nike sports.

The custom made jordans are very much different from the originally manufactured jordans.
These custom made jordans are those ones which attract a lot of attention to the owner.
A cool and an awesome factor also come to the shoe owner.

These custom made jordans allow the owner to express the individual’s persona in his or her unique manner highlighting the difference and uniqueness.

The custom made jordans are available in various styles, shapes, colors you name it and you will find the one which you are looking for, or perhaps some new ones which can be likeable & loveable.

Recently a new collection, Jordan 3 fusion fall collection will be released mostly after September 2008.
The first of the custom made jordans pair has a black nylon color way. The accents are printed in yellow cackle paint. Both the colors yellow and black, where the black is the base color get in tandem well. The front, middle & the last portion of the shoe has the yellow cackle print. The yellow cackle accent is nicely spread on the shoe. The mid sole of the shoe is total black, whereas the outer sole is a mixture of both black & yellow.

In the second pair the color way is white having accents in gold. The cackle print has a white background and gold lines. The shoe laces are gold colored. This shoe has a controlled amount of gold color in it so that it doesn’t look too gaudy. The mid sole of the shoe is golden colored, whereas the outer sole is white in color having two red circles inscribed in it. One of the classic shoes.

The third pair of the custom made jordans is dark brown colored, giving it a premium leathery look. The shoe has a dark brown colored back ground, with dark brown colored lines on the cackle print. There are two variants in the shoe lace colors one is beige and the other is gold. There are also panels of shiny brown leather attached. The mid sole of the shoe is beige, while the outer sole is red colored and has black circles in it .

In the last pair, the custom made Jordans has a black suede color way. The cackle print of this sneaker is very striking and appealing as it has lines of light blue, grey and black. The upper part of the shoe is mainly black and so is its shoe lace. The mid sole is black colored.

All these custom made jordans are really good looking sneakers, any body is going to have a real difficulty in selecting a pair out of these four custom made jordans

Get the Cheap Jordan Shoes and Enhance Your Sporting Skills

Outdoor games are essential, as they come with many advantages. Good physical exercise, teamwork, increased physical and interpersonal coordination; communication, etc are a few benefits of the games. To indulge in sporting activities you need to have the right type of costumes. The footwear is very important as the outdoor activities calls for lots of running around. With more people indulging and becoming interested in sports, the prices of shoes have come down and you can enjoy the best quality at economical and affordable rates. Learn about the various factors to check before purchasing the right sports footwear.

· Size: Every person has a unique shape and size of the feet. For instance, some have short and wider base with long fingers while others have long and narrow base with short fingers. However, the footwear industry has standardized different sizes which will fit those who are within the margin of certain size. Find your right size with the help of the shopkeeper and go for the shoes in that range.

· Better grip: Look out for the grip of the sole. You should know about the type of surface that you would be playing before choosing the right type of sole. For hard-court basketball, spikes are of no use, whereas the games played on grass lawns or sand would demand spikes.

· Flexibility: The sports shoes should be flexible enough, as against that used in police forces or in case of formal wear. This will help them support the quick moves and flexes of the feet.

· Colors and designs: The choice of designs and colors depends on your tastes or in the requirements of the uniformity in the team.

· Perspiration absorption: The shoes should absorb sweat very well and dry quickly to stay dry throughout the game.

· Breathing abilities: The shoes should allow good amount of aeration to ensure foot hygiene.

Very Cheap Jordans – How to Find Very Cheap Jordans on the Net

The very cheap jordans are those shoes which have a price between the range $50 to $100.These jordans are authentic and not any second rate shoes.There are a lot of varieties available in the market.

There is a pair of very cheap jordans named D&G-007. It looks really impressive, having the basic shoe color. The entire body of the shoe is black. There are white cackle prints of D & G on both the sides of the shoe. All those fashion crazy people who are brand crazy, this is a must buy priced as low as $74.99. The sneaker has a total black sole with really nice teeth for the grip. The shoe has black shoe laces and a black colored foot enclosure.

One more pair which is really awesome in the very cheap jordans section is the Jordan2-002. This shoe is a shoe which defines its own class. The front part of this shoe is having a totally white base. At the back side a red colored stripe adds to it a great look. The upper part of the shoe has a black background and has really cool red and white colored prints adding more to its look. The mid sole of the shoe is black colored and the outer sole hosts of colors white, red and black on the heel side.

Another one in this very cheap jordans range is the sneaker named Jordan4-013. More likely looks like the “devils shoe”. This sneaker will suit all those who have a little devilish streak in their personality. This sneaker has black as its background color has really good red colored logos on the upper and lower sides of the shoe that too on both sides. The inner most sole under the heel is red colored. The middle layer of the sole is black colored. The outer most sole is having a combination of both red and black colors. The sole is has a red colored stripe under the heel and also under the fingers, at also beams the logo on the sole which is present on the body. The shoe has black laces and black colored foot enclosure. This shoe is also priced at $74.99. pretty good deal to look out for.

Another very cheap jordans sneaker which catches the eye is the Ice Cream – 017. This sneaker also has a black background. The thing which makes it eye-catching is the blue and red cackle prints on the upper part of the shoe on both sides as well. The upper part of the shoe is white colored.
The middle sole of the shoe is white colored and the outermost sole is red colored. The shoe has black colored laces and a foot enclosure of the same color. Even though they are feature rich they are low priced at $74.99. Well is pretty opposite to the name given to it.

A shoe which doesn’t look like a very cheap jordans is Jordan1-001. this shoe tops the hot selling list. This sneaker has a black and yellow colored leather stitching on its body. The stitching is crafted to excellence giving it a really good look, helps to make the first impression. The shoe has yellow colored laces, which matches with the yellow colored stitch patches on it. Both colors black and yellow make a good complimentary color combination. It has logo on the upper part of the shoe. It has a black colored shoe enclosure. The middle sole is white in color and the outer most sole is yellow colored. Despite being a best seller it is priced at $74.99

How to Spot a Fake Air Jordan

The market for fake purses and clothing styles has grown to include athletic shoes and it is costing consumers and business billions of dollars. According to a report by Stop Fakes, a government consumer information site this fake market is costing businesses over $2 billion dollars every year to catch and prosecute criminals.

Unfortunately there are many people who want to make money so they find a way to make counterfeit (fake) products. The counterfeiting of anything is stealing and it is a criminal offense. If you do a search on the Internet for the fake market you will see how out of control it is and how people are prosecuted daily for these violations.

Unfortunately the knockoffs continue and the best or most expensive fakes are the ones that people want and counterfeiters make for the market.

How to spot fake Air Jordans

Every company has a logo and has certain characteristics of their product lines. They have taken great pains to design them with the public in mind. Before you buy a pair of athletic shoes go online and look at the design you like and take some notes. When you go to the shoe store or when you shop online make sure that what you get meets those specs.

As an example, let’s take a look at the Jordan 23 which is the newest style of Air Jordans. The company has done a lot of detail on the shoes that you might not see on a fake. There are specific things like how the shoe is made, where Michael Jordan’s name is placed and where his thumbprint was placed on the shoes.

Also, the jumpman logo has changed in size and the shoes are made from specific materials. In order to get the right pair of shoes, you have to know where to look on the shoe for these things. If you see a purple Air Jordan XXIII than you know that it is a fake because these shoes were only released in black, white and Varsity Red.

Another way to limit your chances of buying a fake is to only buy from legitimate businesses. Most online stores will tell you they only sell authentic Air Jordans. In the mall or a local shoe store you can get a very close look at the shoes. If a shoe store or merchant sells variants than you know automatically these are fakes.